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MAIN PURPOSE : To provide wakeful night duty cover in the Home.



  1. To receive daily instructions from the Snr staff member or Manager regarding care and specific tasks to be carried out during the night.

  2. To carry out regular checks on residents at intervals determined by the Manager and with due respect for residents privacy.

  3. To carry out regular checks on the building with special reference to Security & fire precaution.
  4. To answer call bells, assess the situation, deal with the resident seeking help. In the case of an emergency to summon the senior care staff on duty/call and/or emergency Doctor/ambulance.
  5. To assist residents who need help, reassurance, comfort or just a cup of tea.
  6. To join the day care staff in preparing residents for bed.

  7. To assist residents in the morning to wash and dress and proceed to the dining room.

  8. To undertake domestic duties as directed, in the time available between attending to residents.

  9. To conduct all procedures in the Home with due regard to the Food Hygiene and Health & Safety Regulations.

  10. To undertake other duties as necessary.

  11. To check that all fire doors are closed and that no doors are left propped open.

  12. To attend staff meetings as required.

  13. To attend and participate in staff/training sessions.

Posted on 7th May 2020

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